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Great game, Really enjoyed my playthrough.

A short story experience, with good graphics, calm narration and a lovely soundtrack. There is a little bit of bad language and some dark themes but most adults should feel fine playing.

We are excited to discuss Marie's Room on Indie Game Club!


I've just played the game and I loved it! It's short but you manage to create such a beautiful and touching atmosphere all along. The narration was perfect, I enjoyed every aspects of the story. The puzzle part motivates to find every pieces of the past and add to the mystery. Really a good game from start to finish !

really good game love the the story to it!!


A really well made game. Though it's an indie game, it feels like a proper studio made it and really should not be free. The art style, the music and the story were really terrific and made the game whole and that much more. (Video below if anyone wants to watch!)

The story was well thought through and made, it described everything perfectly and really well. The main character really resonates with the player because of the backstory and the way they talk as well as the whole game takes the player into the environment and situation and makes them feel like they are really there. 

The puzzles that go along with the game were well thought through and felt well intertwined with the story and the game itself. It incentivised exploring and though the puzzles are simple, it makes the player feel satisfied for getting the answer through paying attention or finding it in the area. 

The music was really great and really went with the mood and tone of the game and really helped the player connect with the game itself. And the art style really suited the story and the game with a very Life Is Strange-y type style, which I personally really like. 

It's a really good game and well worth playing! Hope anyone reading this is doing well and taking care!

A very well made game. Sadly is very short. A full length sequel would be cool. 

This was a beautiful game that had me guessing about what was going on the whole time. I had fun trying to figure it out. 

Such a good short story!

I liked this game.  Was interesting to  explore the room and progress through the story. 


This game was... okay? It was a reasonably good take on environmental storytelling marred by some poor decisions. Having to click-and-hold until a meter fills to interact with an object is beyond obnoxious for players using a mouse, especially when it's the sort of game where you're pixel hunting for and interacting with every single interactable object in the environment. The interaction hotspots were too big for some objects, and there was no obvious way to halt the interaction once you'd started having it again (it turns out that most of the time you can just move away, but that wasn't immediately apparent). It got off on the wrong foot by declaring on the first screen that the game was designed to be experienced in a single session, so no saving is supported. The game *is* short, but you don't know what people's lives, attention, free time, etc. is. I really feel like any game that says "The game was designed for X, so Y that you as a player expect will not work / be available," immediately scars the developer / player relationship and shows that the developer cares more about their artistic vision than your needs and experience. 

Overall, I would have forgotten all of that if the game had knocked it out of the park, but instead it was sort of a middling, predictable story that felt a little trite. 

This is among my favourite types of games, and for a game that I paid essentially nothing for (I got it in the bundle) and spent very little time on, it was satisfying enough.

I loved EVERYTHING about this. Very atmospheric and good voice acting!! 

One of my favorite styles of games. A great experience that shows how our environment can tell our story. Loved uncovering what happened and loved the atmosphere of this game.

Amazing quality, amazing story, amazing graphics, amazing audio. This game is awesome. 

this game is the best one i have played in years,good job cant wait for more

Lovely story! I really enjoyed this one! 

i fell in love with the game! its AMAZING. very good graphics and i love the voice acting

Cool game! Had fun playing it!

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I absolutely love this game the look of it reminds me of Life is Strange! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This game was cool!  Had fun trying it out :) 

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i like it so much


Can you make a mac version of this game?

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Yey, um game maravilhoso! Uma narrativa curta porém prazerosa de se jogar.

Meus parabéns aos desenvolvedores pelo jogo memorável. 


emotionally refreshing

This is honestly the most overwhelmingly amazing experience I've had in ages. Everything is so simple and yet the running narrative, and piecing together the story bit by bit up to that nailbiting conclusion was just so brilliantly done.

Kudos to everyone involved on this project, this is an absolutely stunning game that I can't recommend enough! The intricacies, the slow addition of pieces of the puzzle that add up to the whole story and the general feel of the whole thing adds up to one heck of a ride! Keep up the amazing work everyone! =)

Wow, that's an awesome narrative and touching story. And visually amazing. Loving it.

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ok thanks,now what is the case numbe

This was an amazing game! I liked investigating and finding out the truth!

Here's the let's play I did of it!

Great game! I found it here before the Steam version so I didn't get any trophies :( But I had a really good time exploring this room and fleshing out the story! You did great work, thanks so much for the experience.

I hope you like the Lumps Play I made for it, I use pop-up commentary so it's a little different than the usual ones. 

Cheers! 🍻

Thank you so much much an amazing and interesting had such a great time..Thank you    

A very beautiful game, We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

fuck me 


Any plans for a Linux version ?


Amazing game! I loved playing through it. Anyone interested in my playthrough of the game can view it here. 

Don't sub unless you enjoy yourself!

Wow, this game is so amazing. The graphics are magnificent, and the gameplay got me really attached to the story and made me feel  like im a part of it. Thank you so much

Great graphics, great story, great voice acting.

this looks amazing! will there ever be a mac release for this game?


Could you please make a 32 bit version of the game

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