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This is honestly the most overwhelmingly amazing experience I've had in ages. Everything is so simple and yet the running narrative, and piecing together the story bit by bit up to that nailbiting conclusion was just so brilliantly done.

Kudos to everyone involved on this project, this is an absolutely stunning game that I can't recommend enough! The intricacies, the slow addition of pieces of the puzzle that add up to the whole story and the general feel of the whole thing adds up to one heck of a ride! Keep up the amazing work everyone! =)

Wow, that's an awesome narrative and touching story. And visually amazing. Loving it.

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ok thanks,now what is the case numbe

This was an amazing game! I liked investigating and finding out the truth!

Here's the let's play I did of it!

Great game! I found it here before the Steam version so I didn't get any trophies :( But I had a really good time exploring this room and fleshing out the story! You did great work, thanks so much for the experience.

I hope you like the Lumps Play I made for it, I use pop-up commentary so it's a little different than the usual ones. 

Cheers! 🍻

Thank you so much much an amazing and interesting had such a great time..Thank you    

A very beautiful game, We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work !!!

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Any plans for a Linux version ?


Amazing game! I loved playing through it. Anyone interested in my playthrough of the game can view it here. 

Don't sub unless you enjoy yourself!

Wow, this game is so amazing. The graphics are magnificent, and the gameplay got me really attached to the story and made me feel  like im a part of it. Thank you so much

Great graphics, great story, great voice acting.

this looks amazing! will there ever be a mac release for this game?


Could you please make a 32 bit version of the game

Secrets The Past Hold! | Marie's Room

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I really enjoyed this. Great little one handed game. 
The story felt really disconnected at first until I found things that linked together; Names, Dates, and Events. Then I went back and revisited some of the previous notes and piece it all together.
One thing I will say negative is in the use of the journal in the first part as the Gateway to the second. I spent the second part not looking at the journal till the very end because I thought it would take me somewhere else. It wasn't until the locked box told me the key was  in the journal that I ever looked at it. 

Thank you for a wonderful game.

its really a great game. graphic is the best from this game. story is the main right here but theres lot of side dish beside of main dish itself :D i made a video for you. hope people will watch it and support this game. you got yourself 1 follower :D


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Absolutely stunning game!

From the art, to voice acting, music (phenomenal music!) and (my personal favorite) the story. Such a beautiful, but also tragic story that, whether you believe it or not, it could happen to anyone!

Simply incredible and I definitely recommend you play this game, cause the creator/creators knew which buttons to push, to make you feel the right emotions.

Once again, incredible game and I hope you create more games like this!

Good luck in your future projects! :)

I Really loved this =)

Lovely Graphics, Lovely Music, Lovely Voice acting, Lovely story. Wow. A really super little game. Big congrats to all involved... :)

Short, but incredibly charming!

Very spoopy lookin'


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Fantastic game, especially for being free to play. I usually rate things according to price instead of number rankings and I would give this a $2.99. I think it works great as a free to play game and honestly I could see it as an app too. Well done...and hit me up next time you need to professional voice acting :D 

...Part 2 above...



Very good game! I loved the mood and the look of the game. I really enjoyed that experience, thanks a lot ♥ !

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